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About Burlington Chiropractic INC

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Empowering Total Life Transformation

At Burlington Chiropractic INC, it all comes down to restoring your health. Families in our office are happier, healthier, and safer. Because we care more about you than the average doctor, we push ourselves harder and listen carefully to help you achieve long-term results.

Dr. Jose Garcia has overcome a lot to get to where he is in life, and he wants to invest that same power of change to help you overcome your current health problem. More than a one-time fix, we walk with you through a holistic journey of healing, so you can feel and function better, both today and for years to come.

Introducing You to the Chiropractic Lifestyle

You’ll love our fun, high-energy atmosphere. Many patients are surprised to learn that pain relief is only the start of what we do. By helping you improve your health naturally, we want to add both years to your life, and life to your years.

Natural wellness is for everyone. Misalignments in the spine put pressure on the nervous system, causing all kinds of symptoms that can show up anywhere in the body. We adjust everyone in the family, even babies, to catch chronic dysfunction before it begins.

Imagine how different your life would be if your parents had taken you to the chiropractor when you were a toddler. Our goal is to help every patient in every season get the most out of wellness, instead of accepting chronic conditions as normal.

A Higher Standard for Health Care in Burlington

After years of experience transforming patients’ lives naturally, we wanted to expand to Burlington so we could offer the community better health care than they could find in the medical system. We’re proud to provide excellence far above what most clinics offer. All our locations uphold the same high standards, giving you a reliable experience of exceptional care.

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